Our Services

Our team are experienced in a range of services that can help you from general nail care, to therapy for heel pain and injuries to providing you with custom orthotics & shoes.

What ever you need, we can help!


General Nail Care

General foot care would include your Podiatrist providing general nail cutting, dry skin, callous, corns and bunion removal, ensuring your feet are in good health.

Heel Pain

If you have heal pain our Podiatrists will provide a range of therapies to assist from shockwave therapy, to dry needling, exercise therapy, stretching, massage and footwear recommendations.

Diabetic Foot Care

If you are a diabetic then it is important that we assess your feet once per year to ensure that you still have enough blood flow to your feet.  As well as this we need to keep on top of any infections or nail care this necessary.  We can provide regular reports to your doctor if required.

Orthotics & Footwear

If you are in need of orthotics or footwear then our team are experts are designing orthotics.  An Orthotic will help to align your foot in your shoe which will assist with removing pressure of specific joints and help to remove pain while your walk or exercise. 

Lower Limb Injuries or Pain

If you have injured yourself at sport, have shin splints, growing pains or have any lower limb injuries, our Podiatrists can provide you with therapy to assist with your recovery

Ingrown Toenail and surgery

If you have an ingrown toenail our podiatrists can help to remove this or if necessary provide  nail surgery. We recommend that if you have an ingrown toenail that you get help sooner rather than later so that you minimise any infection and hopefully avoid surgery all together.  Surgery is done in the Podiatry clinic and our Podiatrists are amazing and making it as gentle as possible.

Podiatry Home Visits Narellan, Camden

Sometimes we find out clients find it difficult to get into our clinic to see the podiatrist.  We can offer home visits to our clients.  If you are in need of a home visit then please contact us and speak to our receptionist who can advise you of our home visit day and schedule your appointment.  

02 4647 1134 


Do I need a referral?

 You do not need a referral to see our podiatrists, you can book a private consultation. These sessions can be claimed through your private health fund. If you do have private health cover then you will only need to pay the gap that is not covered.

If you do bring a an EPC Referral (Enhanced Primary Care Plan) then we will bulk bill your clinic session through medicare.  These EPC's can be used for general nail care appointments.

All consultations go for 30 min, however if you require orthotics or nail surgery ongoing appointments may be booked for a longer period.. The frequency of visits will depend on your need, they may be fortnightly, monthly or six weekly.

We recommend that you bring with you any blood tests or results that you may have. 


Let us look after your Children's Feet

 Children can also suffer from several foot pain and shin splints, this can cause them pain when running or even just walking around. 

Our Podiatrists can help with any age of child from birth to 18 years old.  We can identify the reason for the pain and provide solutions and treatment from shockwave therapy, stretching, massage, orthotics or specific rehabilitation exercises..

Contact us to learn about how we can help your child gain better health.

Contact us to find out more information 02 4647 1134.